Our classes are never the same and keep your mind and body thinking about what’s going to come next. Our classes are created to suit your individual strength and fitness levels. Both beginners and advanced clients can work at their own pace and control the intensity - safety and balance is priority to ensure you keep coming back healthy & happy, session after session!



X-TRAIN is a 45min high intensity, resistance based class that builds your strength and fitness levels. This class uses a mixture of TRX, kettlebells, medicine balls, bands, ropes and body weight based exercises. No two classes will be the same. 

*Suitable for all fitness levels. 

45 Mins. (plus 15 minute warm up/cool down)


This core and lower body workout includes a variety of strength and cardio exercises targeting the glutes, hips, thighs, abs, and back. The exercises include lower-body and core moves changing from exercise to exercise and include slow, heavy training, fast-paced endurance exercises and core moves that challenge balance, stamina, and stability.

*Suitable for all fitness levels.

45 Mins. (plus 15 minute warm up/cool down)


H.I.I.T stands for High-intensity-interval-training, which entails doing an exercise for a specific time duration, then resting for a specific time. This 45 minute class is all about work-to-rest ratio, which is a recipe for burning fat while building awesome levels of cardio fitness. High-intensity also equals high-enjoyment, because doing exercises fast in a social environment where everyone pushes each other definitely gets the excitement going. No two classes will be the same. 

*Suitable for all fitness levels. 

45 Mins. (plus 15 minute warm up/cool down)


BOXSTAR is a boxing circuit style class that utilises boxing equipment and movements. This class requires no previous experience. Release some stress and knock off the calories?

Learn basic boxing combinations while smashing out bodyweight exercises and pushing through the rounds to shred body fat and tone your muscles.

*Suitable for all fitness levels.

45 Mins. (plus 15 minute warm up/cool down)

X-STAR MIX - Trainer’s Call

Who knows what you’re going to get? That’s the excitement of this class. Trainers call is a mix of everything and there is no better way to kickoff your weekend of fun. Get out of bed and get the social weekend started with your friends in a fun mix of exercise and a music play list from the 80s.

*Suitable for all fitness levels.

45 Mins. (plus 15 minute warm up/cool down)


Perhaps your plan to getting started is a completely personalised one on one session or a small group semi-private personal training session.

We listen to what your goals are and then focus on achieving them. Success is achieved only by listening to what you have to say - what are your current lifestyle habits, commitments and how can we help you self assess these areas of your life and make positive changes - including your nutrition, routine, mindset, sleep and functional fitness requirements.
Click on ‘CONTACT US’ to arrange to speak with one of our staff about what personal training sessions we have available that best suit you. This will depend on things like how many times per week you want to train, your goals and your lifestyle.


We are the new HQ for one of Melbourne's premier youth athlete training brands -
AV High Performance Academy.

Adam and his professional team of training staff utilise scientifically supported training methods and programs to produce the results you’ve always wanted. Whether you want to improve your performance in a chosen sport or simply improve your ability to perform better, they can provide you with all of the ingredients for success. From beginners to elite, we have the knowledge and the ability to help you become a STAR!

Focuses areas include:

  • Individualised and sport specific strength and conditioning training that produce results.
  • Creating body armour and decreasing your risk of injury.
  • Improving your physical attributes of performance, such as speed, power and endurance.
  • Optimising your body composition and improving your health and fitness.
  • Providing you with an advantage over your competition.

AV High Performance Academy
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