Our home base is located at 107A Miller Street, Epping and our vision is to provide a fun quality service to help the kids & adults in our community improve their fitness for both sports and lifestyle.

Our Facility

We operate out of our custom built training facility offering everything from fitness boxing, fitness challenges, team-based and individual strength & conditioning and personal training. Our facility is composed of a strength and functional training room alongside an indoor synthetic turf zone to cater for all types of athletes and training.

Why AthleteStar?

There is nothing like us available in the local area. At AthleteStar, we offer affordable quality training, coaching and mentoring of athletes of any age as well as community members. We aim to provide everyone that comes through our doors with a solid foundation from which they can excel exponentially. Through our customised athletic development services, sports training methods and general training classes, we will educate you on how to train smarter, work hard and remain injury free so that you can live life to the fullest.


Gary Scott

Programs Co-ordinator  |  Qualified Fitness Instructor

  • Plan & Deliver Gym Programs
  • Instruct & Monitor Training Programs
  • Health Assessment / Risk Analysis
  • Healthy Eating Information Guide