What do we do at AthleteStar?

AthleteStar is a specialised training facility that utilises scientifically supported training methods and programs to produce the results you’ve always wanted. Whether you want to improve your performance in a chosen sport or simply transform your body to find the best version of you, we can provide you with all of the ingredients for success. From beginners to elite, we have the knowledge and the ability to help you become a STAR!

Our focuses include:

  • Individualised and sport specific strength and conditioning training that produce results.

  • Creating body armour and decreasing your risk of injury.

  • Improving your physical attributes of performance, such as speed, power and endurance.

  • Optimising your body composition and improving your health and fitness.

  • Providing you with an advantage over your competition.

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“As a player and a coach, I have experienced the benefits of proper strength & conditioning training that allowed me to become a more efficient athlete.”
Karlee De Bono, Plenty Valley Comets U/17 Netball Coach & Open Division 1 Player
“After 8 weeks of training, I felt stronger and more powerful on the court than ever before.”
Laura Castles, Plenty Valley Comets Netball Athlete
“The training I’ve undertaken here has allowed me to take my performance to new heights.”
Dillon Ristevski, National Level High Jump Athlete
The Epping Football Club would like to thank Matthew Bruno and AthleteStar for assisting us schedule and deliver our full pre-season running program. It was not only a professional program but the players totally embraced Matt and the tasks they had to perform. Together with Matt, we were able to record data on a regular basis and really target fitness levels not only across the whole team’s performance but also individual performances.
The Epping Football Club
“Our partnership with AthleteStar has been a highly successful venture that has translated directly to the netball court and provided us with an edge over our opponents.”
Julie Darley, Plenty Valley Comets U/17 Netball Head Coach